Evening Shadows


Evening Shadows is an Autumnal piece depicting my favourite time of day and shows the evening sun reflecting through the trees and onto water. This painting is mounted in an Antique White, acid free card mount and is 58cm x 36cm in size. SOLD

Autumn Walk


Autumn brings colour, texture and wonderful light to the landscape. Autumn Walk was inspired by this special time of year and reflects a personal love of warm and mellow tones. SOLD

Evening Light


If it's been a fine day I often take my dog for a evening walk before tea. The light at this time can change everything and you can become much more aware of textures and beautiful monochromatic tones.

Shadows and light 5


Shadows and Light 5 was a painting from a series which depict the beautiful colours which reflect on water from trees in the Autumn.

Sunflowers - Reserved


Sunflowers signify the beginning of Autumn for me and as they dry they begin to turn and move and twist toward the light. Perfect for painting. !

Autumn Woods


There is a small wood near home which has such a captivating atmosphere. The light flickers through the trees and in Autumn when the colours are warm and rich and it seems full of colour and vibrance.