Summers End


When summer starts to change to Autumn, plants begin to change their colour, light reflects in intriguing and subtle ways on the water , between trees and over fields. Colour palettes renew to warm colours and we move to Autumn. This is summer's end . SOLD

Reeds and a Gentle Breeze


Reed beds are places where lines, colour, movement and reflected light can be found in abundance. 'Reeds and a Gentle Breeze ' was my interpretation of a very special place where the reed beds change throughout the seasons, and this is summer. SOLD

Summer days


For me, the feeling of being in a field of cowslips in summer can only be described through paint. The colour palette here is soft and muted and layers of texture lead to experimentation and discovery. SOLD of shapes and texture, soft tones, they are all there.

Blue Firs


On summer evenings the fir trees at the edge of the water take on a blue hue and in the evening sun reflect strong and colourful shadows on the water. This piece is a pastel painting; the vibrant colours and soft edges are a perfect medium for this subject.

Walking through Woods


I often walk through the woods and in good weather take my sketchbook. In summer the abundant foliage gives me the opportunity to work in a loose, painterly manner, enjoying watery layers , experimenting and playing with marks and textures, giving life and vitality to the subject.

Blue Reeds


Reed Beds found at the edge of lakes are one of my favourite places. Here in summer you will find reflected light, strong patterns and sumptuous colours. This place is full of potential and possibilities and I am never disappointed.



My neighbour's garden is quiet, overgrown and the perfect place to draw on a quiet afternoon, undisturbed. The dandelions are everywhere, they make a perfect subject to work from and I have done them many times.

Shadows and Light


In the evening in summer, at the edge of the water, the shadows produce vibrant and often complimentary colours as the sun sets through the trees. Shadows and Light is one of a series of pastel paintings describing my evening observations.



I have always been very drawn to the huge amount of different plants that grow in the hedgerows and prefer these to garden flowers. For painting purposes the fact that they are unruly and wind around each other without constraint offers possibilities for interesting marks and layers. 'Hedgerows' is in the Summer collection but others will follow as the seasons change.

Hedgerow 2


At this time of year the hedgerows are full of wonderful flowers. Alongside foxgloves we have the architectural plant the Cow Parsley Their shapes help create depth and structure to a painting. This plant also displays the most beautiful pinks , soft green and white flowers.



I always have flowers in the studio, to draw and paint from them and just because I love them. I keep them way beyond their life span because they provide another source of drawing matter as they fade and dry. Dahlias do keep their colour and make amazing shapes as the dry out.

White Chrysanthemums


I always have flowers in my studio particularly during Lockdown and when I could get them. They remind me that whatever happens around us nature continues and seasons come and go. I often paint them as they are beginning to fade, they produce wonderful shapes , colours and texture.